The success story of Déesse

The success story of Déesse began in 1971 in a two-bedroom apartment in Switzerland. Since then it has developed into a highly successful family business. Already at that time Déesse offered its customers high quality products and put its focus mainly on personal contact. A sales concept that is until now greatly appreciated by customers.

zurich-1971 ebmatinger-1975 oetwil-am-see-1989-klein
Zzrich, Switzerland – 1971 Ebmatingen, Switzerland – 1975 Oetwil am See, Switzerland – 1989

Offering of cosmetic trainings was the next important step. The Swiss products could be tried and tested with professional cosmetic advice. Thus, customers could convince themselves from the effectiveness of the products, before purchasing them. Even now it is still handled the same way: our products never go directly to customers, but through specialized consultants to the hostess and then to the customer.

Déesse started with 10 consultants – now there are more than 16,000 consultants worldwide and with about 20 million Déesse products annually. Many consultants are for 20, 30 years and longer loyal to Déesse. The ever-growing number of new consultants, as well as the daily growing number of satisfied and enthusiastic customers shows us that our company philosophy is the right one.

“Déesse” means in the French poetry language the “Goddess”, a figure with supernatural powers. For us, these are the women of today, because they are tough, generous and wise, are thinkers and business women. Déesse wants to play its part to ensure that women can feel independent and strong.

Déesse was, is and always will remain a family business that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is not only a heritage with financial significance, but primarily a matter of the heart and passion.