Company philosophy

Our philosophy

Our main principle is to offer high-quality care products at an attractive price – and this for the whole family. Our products are sold exclusively through personal and specialised consultants. Thus we make sure that every woman and every man gets only the products that best suit them.

Unlike other direct sales systems, no own investments are needed at Déesse. Neither the training for cosmetics consultants, nor the startup case cause you costs – this will all be taken over by Déesse. As an independent Déesse cosmetics consultant you can create your individual working day, thanks to choosing your own time schedule. Thus the decision of choosing between career and family is no longer a question. Both are possible with Déesse.

These points are important, to live our philosophy every day:

Personal contact
  • Not only the personal contact with our clientele, but also to our employees is very important and one of the success factors of Déesse
Swiss quality
  • Déesse products are made from natural, high quality ingredients and are developed without animal testing
  • We offer our customers a satisfaction guarantee of six months
Environmental protection
  • Environmental protection and sustainability have always been very important to Déesse. Our contributions are, inter alia, through environmentally friendly and refillable packaging.

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