Social responsibility

An old saying goes: „children are our future“. Certainly everybody agrees to this saying and our contact with children reveals to us our future.

Dimitri Sturdza, whose roots lie in Romania, his son Stefan and his family support for many years several organizations in Romania. To them it is a great concern to help the most vulnerable ones of our society.

The Sturdza family supports the foundation “Leontie and Teodosie” since its beginning on 30.11.2000, morally as well as financially. This foundation supports educational institutions, which take care of orphans, children and young people, whose parents are destitute. The aim is to give these children and young people a safe growing up, to ensure regular meals and health care, and to finance a school education and training with graduation. Only under these conditions do the children have a chance to master their future lives.

On October 4, 2009, the foundation begun with the construction of the educational centre „the Holy Virgin“ and in 2011 they could finally, with great joy, welcome 104 children. 104 children who finally got a safe home and good education…

The family Sturdza is very happy to make a contribution to these homeless children – since living on the road is no alternative. Charity affects us all.