Selection of wellness themes

Once you have enjoyed a Déesse wellness hour, you will be so pleased that you want to repeat it again and again. All you have to do is to choose your personal wellness theme.

Facial care

From cleasing of the skin until to obtaining its resilience – find out everything of importance for a beautiful skin at any age.
What colours suit you? How can you emphasize your advantages ? What are the latest make-up trends? We tell you all you need to know for a perfect look.
Body-Fit Body care

Soft and radiant skin is a desire for every one of us. Test the flavoring and feeling that Déesse products offers.
Hand care

Experience what miracles a Swiss specialty treatment may cause for your hands.
Neckline care

A beautiful neckline should be as important as the face or hands. We will show you what it needs.
Foot care

A special program for tired feet. Escape from the daily stress and enjoy a wonderful foot bath. You will experience the lovely feeling of like walking on clouds.
Men's care

Men’s skin has special needs too. The men’s line of Déesse is easy to use and provides the skin with everything it needs.
Sun care

Good protection means to be well informed and to use the right products. With Déesse products, you can achieve a long-lasting and healthy tan.
Nutrition supplements

Beauty also comes from inside. Support your health with high quality and exclusive nutrients that come directly from nature.

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