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We all have something we are particularly good and really strong at: Some are specially good at communicating, others at planning, or empathizing particularly well with other people. We encourage you in your individual skills.

 A new profession is always an exciting change. For this reason it is important for us that we accompany you, as much as possible, at the beginning of your new career.

Personal support by your senior consultant
  • Your senior consultant will be the most important contact
  • She will actively support and assist you with help and advice in your new career
Start-Up training programme
  • You learn to know the Déesse care products in practice-orientated, free trainings (Déesse carries all costs), and how to present them successfully
  • At the beginning you get a free start up kit with Déesse care products
Supporting material and Déesse platform
  • All important information, flyers and brochures, you can down-load from the website
  • You will also find important online marketing materials and support for your new job

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