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    C.G.F. Plus

    Want to be fit and have more energy? Experience the highly concentrated extract from the stone of the freshwater alga Chlorella pyrenoidosa in its optimized form, and take advantage of this precious product providing your body with energy, cleaning and cells regeneration. A real power product, which now contains more saturated Omega-3 acids DHA. Former effect intensified: Be fit thanks to the vegetal Omega-3-acids DHA can protect your immune system, brain and heart from the stress C.G.F. plus can multiply the positive effects of Chlorella. C.G.F.PLUS AND CHLORELLA: AN UNBEATABLE TEAM ACTING IN THE HEART OF THE SMALLEST CELLS

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    Anti-spot gel

    Bye, Bye impurities…Hello beautiful skin! To fight impurities, make use of our new powerful weapon: the anti-spot gel. Thanks to its highly active complex made of iris root extract, vitamin A and zinc, this antibacterial gel provides an anti-inflammatory effect. It regulates sebum production and stimulates skin regeneration. Moreover, the salicylic acid it has, reduces inflammation at the very first signs, frees clogged pores and reduces keratinization. This complex also contains niacinamide (vitamin B3) and panthenol (provitamin B5) which both soothe the skin and the areas inflamed and help healing. With such features, this gel will not leave any chance to impurities! This product suits all the family members (teenagers and adults).

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    Dietary supplement DS7 provides prevention and care in one. It is your own effective contribution to your health. As an all-around supplement, it helps to maintain your body’s functions and therefore your quality of life. Make today the first day your think about your body every day! It will thank you for it in the future.

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    Fluid Concealer

    Their names „Concealer“ say a lot about their skills. They cover and hide what is to be masked. As soon as they are applied, they immediately show their potential: they hide the little imperfections like wrinkles or red patches, reshape the face and give radiance to your complexion. Their fluid texture is a great plus as they less build up in small wrinkles or in the lines of the face and also cover on a more natural manner. Moreover, their moisturizing texture takes care of the sensitive eye contour area. Our Fluid Concealers are available in four different shades: from light beige (10) to a soft (20) and brighter pink (30) and a light yellowish sand hue (40).

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    Eyeshadow palette “La vie en rose” Ltd.E.

    We take you to a world of glamour, elegance and style. Our new eyeshadow palette gives you a large choice of beautiful colors. Our make-up tutorials will show you how to put them under the spotlights. But beforehand, let’s have a look at the unique and entrancing tints of this new eyeshadow palette.